AARM is committed to improving regional institutional capacity in aquaculture and aquatic resources management and related fields through innovative approaches that integrate education, research and outreach.

Asia contributes over 90% of global aquaculture production and plays a key role in the development of appropriate culture systems and technologies. Aquaculture production accounts for almost half of world fish supply and increases by 10%. It is expected to surpass capture fisheries production in the next 10 years. Further development of aquaculture is also expected to help us move away from dependence on overexploited capture fisheries resources and to enhance and conserve aquatic habitats and biodiversity; but this expansion should not exceed the carrying capacity of water resources.

Wild aquatic resources are essential sources of nutrition for rural populations. Any degradation of these resources from over-fishing, use of illegal fishing gears, introduction of exotic fish, misuse of chemicals, agro-industrial waste discharge, deforestation, breeding ground degradation and dam construction that can lead to blocking of migratory pathways will have dramatic impacts on the nutritional and health status of rural people.

Population growth, poverty, resource use conflicts, illegal activities, pollution, biodiversity conservation, policy and institutional gaps and conflicts are the major issues and problems in coastal management. A management approach that integrates sectors (government agencies, non-government organizations, community, etc.), disciplines (science, engineering and management), land- and sea-based activities (agriculture, livestock, aquaculture, fisheries, tourism, etc.) is important to address the various issues and problems in the coastal area.

  • Coursework and Management
  • Tools for Integrated Coastal Management
  • Workshop on Integrated Coastal Management
  • Seminar on Recent Developments in Integrated Coastal Management
  • Thesis Research Workshop
  • Statistical Applications


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