Application Announcement

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand and UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands, have been jointly offering a Joint Degree masters programme on Urban Water Engineering and Management (UWEM) since 2009. The programme gives an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from both the Asia and Europe environment. Please see the attached programme brochure (View Brochure) and visit the link below for more information:

  • AIT
  • School of Engineering and Technology, AIT
  • School of Environment, Resource and Development, AIT

If you or your staff, colleagues, juniors, seniors or friends are interested in the Urban Water Engineering and Management (UWEM) joint degree programme, please follow the procedure given below.

Application Procedure

For admission to the UWEM programme you can apply to either UNESCO-IHE or AIT.

FFor UNESCO-IHE, you have to apply online. In the right upper corner of the programme page at the UNESCO-IHE website (see above) there is a link, where you can apply online.

FFor AIT, Bangkok: you can download the application form from the website of AIT: here and submit the completed form with required documents. Alternatively, you can also submit your application online from the same web site. Please mention clearly that you are applying for the joint degree programme on Urban Water Engineering and Management (UWEM).

Academic Funding

A. Application for Admissions with Available Funding

For those prospective students who have prospective funding from their employers, donors, self, or other sources, the application procedure above should be followed and applications are accepted until 31 May 2014. If the admission offer is required by you for seeking financial support from external sources, please apply for admission as soon as possible.

B. Application for Admissions with Application for the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP)

The Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) is intended to deepen and broaden the knowledge and professional skills of mid-career professionals to enable them to make a better contribution to the development of their organizations and their countries. To be eligible for this fellowship, candidates should be able to submit proof of admission to the academic programme for which they are applying. In addition, candidates should be working in a developing country (for the list of NFP countries visit here) in a development-related position, and be nominated by their employer, who pledges to continue payment of their salary and hold their job for them while they are studying in Thailand and the Netherlands.

For the programme that starts in August 2014 at AIT (Thailand), the application procedure for an NFP fellowship is as follows:

If you wish to apply for an NFP scholarship please keep in mind that there are two deadlines:

  • (1) An academic application deadline which is 28 January 2014;
  • (2) An NFP fellowship application deadline, which is 4 February 2014: You have to apply online by completing the application form via the website of the Nuffic: www.nuffic.nl/nfp

UNESCO-IHE receives a message that you have applied for an NFP scholarship and indicate in the scholarship application system, if you have been academically accepted. However, in order to do so, UNESCO-IHE needs to be in possession of your application for academic admission, therefore send your application form well in advance.

Additional Information

For additional details regarding the programme and if you have any further questions, please contact Prof. C. Visvanathan (visu@ait.asia) or Prof. Mukand S. Babel (msbabel@ait.asia) of Asian Institute of Technology.

Please contact Mr. Tenzin Rabgyal (tenzin@ait.asia) of AIT or Ms. Ineke Melis (i.melis@unesco-ihe.org) of UNESCO-IHE for more information on application procedure and fellowships.