In Southeast Asia, Industry 4.0 and digitalization is significantly influencing the economy. In this aspect, it is important to see how this can influence the urban waste management sector, and also need to create awareness on these new developments to the stakeholders. Considering there is a large potential in applying digital technologies to the waste sector, COMPED and Waptoa the Korad-Adenauer- Stiftung, Cambodia hosted the first Waste Conference on “ The Future of Waste Management- Seizing the Potential of Digitalization” on 30 November 2018, at Phenom Penh, Cambodia.

Prof. Visu was invited to this conference to present a Key Note presentation on “Revolution in Waste Management Sector: Technology Innovations in Solid Waste Management”. He was also participated in the Open Forum section on the “The Future of Waste Management in Cambodia”, as one of the panelists. Later in the Idea Factory event section, he led the discussion on the “Waste in 2030”. During this visit, he also met the EEM Cambodian alumni located in Phenom Penh and discussed their possible support to EECC Department in terms of recruiting the best candidates for our Masters and Doctoral programs.