During 15 to 19 January, 2019, AIT President Eden Woon and Dr. Wenchao Xue visited four universities in China. They also visited the China Scholarship Council to discuss the possibility of expanding scholarships for students from China. The universities visited were the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, the ShanghaiTech University and Shanghai University in Shanghai.  The first three universities are in the Chinese Academy of Sciences system and are highly ranked in China and globally.

The purpose is to promote AIT to these universities with the intention to forge agreements with them in students exchanges, faculty exchanges, workshops and training, research collaboration, and degree cooperation.

At each university, the President described the mission and status of AIT, and laid out for the leadership of the host universities his vision for the future of AIT.  He found that there is great interest in AIT’s capacity building research and education and training, and there is interest in either directly collaborating with AIT in our core strength research areas or in complementarily collaborating with AIT by seeing if the leading-edge innovation research they are engaged in can be applied in our social impact research areas.  In short, relationships will be developed between AIT and these prestigious universities, with AIT beneficiaries being students and faculty who will be able to interact in exchanges and research with these top universities in China.  Follow-up actions to result eventually in concrete agreements have begun. This visit is part of the President’s vision to expand AIT’s global footprint and relationships and influence, and visits to top universities in other parts of the world will continue.