On 20 February 2019, Prof. Rajendra Shrestha and Dr. Nophea Sasaki met with Dr. An Pich Hatda, an AIT alumnus, who has been recently appointed as CEO of Mekong River Commission (MRC), a treaty-based organization of Lower Mekong Basin Countries to discuss potential collaboration between The discussion included the possibility of providing AIT technical consultation support to MRC activities, co-hosting of events, housing MRC knowledgebase at AIT library, promoting each other’s programs, and internship opportunity for AIT students at MRC. Having an MOU between two organizations was also discussed.

Prof. Rajendra Shrestha with Dr An Pich Hatda, CEO of MRC (Second from right).

On 21 February 2019, Prof. Rajendra P. Shrestha met Dr. Phout Simmalavong (Vice President – Academic) and few other senior officers of the National University of Laos (NUOL) to introduce AIT programs and available opportunity to Laotian students. NUOL has a high priority on human resource development, curriculum and research development, and student/faculty mobility. A workshop was also conducted at YAU participated in many stakeholders to prepare background information for a proposal on sustainable agricultural intensification and climate change.

Prof. Rajendra Shrestha with Dr Phout Simmalavong, Vice President – Academic (Fourth from left).