Prof. Visu was invited as a panelist to participate in the “Regional High-Level Forum on Green Economy”, which was held 10-12 June 2019, at Bangkok, Thailand. This forum was organized by UNESCAP and
WGEO – World Green Economy Organization. This Regional High-Level Forum on Green Economy is designed as an extension to WGEO aiming to raise regional awareness by showcasing and scaling up the impact of successful evidence-based green economy solutions crafted and tested by
countries in the Asia-Pacific Region in addressing sustainable development challenges pertinent to the needs and aspirations of the region. The three thematic focus areas of the 2019 Asia-Pacific Regional High-Level Forum on Green Economy are improving regulatory and policy frameworks for a green economy, promoting innovative green investment through public-private partnerships and advancing national level capacity development for a holistic green action.

Prof. Visu  participated as a panelist in the Session  on “ Solution Forum on Scaling up Green Innovative Technologies”  and discussed about “ What Drives Green Technologies  in Asia: Policy or Technology? – Co Fueling Plastic Waste in Cement Industries”.  During this event, 10 students from SERD participated in the capacity development program organized  on 11 and 12  June, on 6 thematic themes related to Green Economy.