A group of seventeen agricultural-based students along with their academic staff from the Assam Agricultural University, India joined Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology (FEBT) program, Department of Food, Agriculture and Bioresources in the School of Environment, Resources and Development, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) on 22nd July 2019 for three week long summer school program to get hands-on knowledge recent innovations in the food production system. 

The aim of the visit is to make students learn in the areas comprising emerging challenges, Issues, Innovations and recent technological inputs in sustainable and safer food production systems. 

SERD Dean Prof. Rajendra chairing the orientation program recalled his memories when he was doing his studies in India on Agriculture and wished students the very best for all the learning that they will be getting in the three-week-long program. Dr. Anil Kumar Anal, Head, Department of Food, Agriculture and Bioresources, SERD, AIT described the three week long agenda including various activities and thanked the Assam Agricultural University, India for this collaboration. The seventeen students will be engaged in a broad-based study process through class-based learning, interactive sessions, workshop, group exercises and various related field visits.