Asian Symposium on Water Reuse (ASWR), is an initiative launched by Tsinghua University, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) and Kyoto University, with a view to provide a unique platform for local communication, and also broaden the concepts, ideas, and models for global level water reuse. The fifth ASWR was organized by Water Reuse Promotion Centre, Japan jointly with Japan Sewage Works Association, at Yokohama, from 8-9 August 2019.

For this event, Professor C. Visvanathan was invited to deliver the Key Note lecture on “Urban Water Security through Water Reuse and Circular Economy in the Asia Pacific”. During this Keynote presentation, he emphasized that community-managed, low-cost technologies can be more practical for most countries in the Asia Pacific, where large-scale infrastructure-related technologies are unavailable. “Smart,” data-driven solutions such as Artificial Intelligence systems can be used to improve urban water and wastewater systems, by allowing operators to detect infiltration, prioritize actions and quickly respond. Authorities in Asian megacities should shift towards smart wastewater solutions, increasing emphasis on real-time water quality monitoring. Demand-side management should be prioritized over supply-side management, along with progressive policies and regulations.

The integrated water resource management is the way forward with circular water economy using advanced technologies, progressive policies and financial systems such as water resource pricing, polluters pay principle and with novel institutional strategies like effective public administration, independent policy assessment and implementation with institutions for joint planning and monitoring.