During the official trip, from 02 to 07-Sept-2019, Prof. Kim Oanh and her PhD student (Mr. Sompoke Kingkaew) attended the second workshop of MONTUS project which followed the first workshop held in Toulouse in February 2019. In the 2nd workshop, the project partners have worked together to develop the syllabus for a dedicated new master program, namely Innovative Spatial Integrated technology for environmental Sustainability (INSIGHTS). The INSIGHTS Master Program will be opened in Hanoi, Vietnam and is designed to achieve the MONTUS’s ambition of development of research on cloud computing in the environmental sciences and promote its education in the countries of South East Asian partners.

The objectives of the INSIGHTS Master are to train students to have the basics and advanced knowledge related to environmental sustainability and innovative spatial integrated technologies to manage effectively the environmental issues; and to have the ability to analyze the driver and pressure from environmental situation, detecting and defining problems. Then they will be able to monitor and observe the environmental status and to evaluate/calculate the socio-economic, public health and natural impacts. Finally, they will propose appropriate solutions, innovative technologies and/or policies.

In this workshop, Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh has designed the syllabus for the subject of “air quality management” which will provide the student the knowledge and skill to apply monitoring, inventory, modeling tools and cloud computing in air quality management. She also contributed to the steering committee meeting to plan for the next 3 MONTUS workshops in 2020.

Group photo of MONTUS project partners, 2nd workshop, ITC, Phnom Penh, Combodia

The detail information of MONTUS project, please refer in the website: https://cloud-montus.com/