The School of Environment, Resources, and Development are pleased to welcome  Prof Narendra G Shah. 
Prof  Narendra Shah has earned his Doctorate in “Process Engineering” from UTC-France (1990) and MEng (Agri Machinery and Food Processing) from the Asian Institute of  Technology -Bangkok in Thailand (1980). He is with the Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA) of  IIT Bombay since 1992.  
He teaches courses such as Food Engineering, Agro-Based Industries (Design and Case Studies), Soils and Agriculture and Food & Nutrition Delivery. He undertakes research work in the areas of Value Addition in Agro-processing, Technologies for Food Preservation and Food formulations for addressing Malnutrition. Dr Shah has 80+ publications based on his R & D work. He has received awards for his research work such as: IIChE- Hindustan Door-Oliver award for Use of S and T for Rural Development work in Controlled Atmosphere Technology for bio-commodities and PK Patwardhan Technology Development Award for process and product developments in Jaggery Making from sugarcane. He is a group leader for Projects in Agro-Food domain activities of  Tata Centre for Technology and Design at IIT-Bombay

Prof Shah will be associated with the Department of Food, Agriculture, and Bioresources as a Visiting Professor during January 2020 semester at AIT-Bangkok. 

He can be contacted at:

Room: 102

Ext: 5476