Thailand isn’t in a lockdown at the moment. Maybe by Thursday, the government of Thailand will impose that. I am inside the college premises and the AIT has made us follow strict guidelines. Every time we exit the main entrance of AIT, our temperatures are always taken.

Ms.Prashamsha Thapa We have a health facility in AIT and it is fully operational 24 hours, plus we have doctors coming in every day for potential examinations. And there is a bigger hospital, Thammasat University Hospital, right across the street. The AIT also changed our insurance scheme and now it covers the test for COVID-19. However, until and unless any resident of the AIT does not show signs of infection, we will not be tested.

Some of my friends who were in other European countries for exchange programs are being held in quarantine just to make sure they are not infected. The AIT had made sure they return to the campus, despite the exchange programs, as the country they traveled to show an increase in the COVID-19 cases. Those in quarantine were taken to the hospital to get a test. Thankfully to this day, we don’t have any positive cases of the virus inside the campus premises.

The AIT had suggested more than twice that the students could return to their individual country. Some students left and as far as I know, they are in self-isolation. But I did not want to jeopardize the already fragile health institutional structure back home as long travels pose a high risk of contamination.

Despite the supportive nature and action of the AIT, we do have some stress and fear. We are the graduating students of 2020 and there is a lot to be done still. We constantly worry about the safety of our parents or loved ones back home and with that, we also worry about our own safety. We have self-isolated ourselves as much as possible and maintained social distancing with all the necessary measures.

Meanwhile, the government here is tracing all the people who have been to public places as a few of them who were there had tested positive.

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