Thailand Graduate Institute of Science and Technology (TGIST) has announced the recipients of the scholarship award for TGIST 2020. Mr. Chaichawin Chavapradit and Ms. Nuntarat Bunlao conducting a research study in Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology in the Asian Institute of Technology have been successful in receiving the scholarship which will support their research works in close collaboration with National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). Both the scholars are working with Professor Anil Kumar Anal, who quotes Nelson Mandela as “IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT IS DONE” for his students to realize their dreams.

Ms. Nuntarat Bunlao has been actively working on a Ph.D. project to encapsulate Lutein popularly known as “the eye vitamin,” commonly taken by mouth to prevent eye diseases that lead to vision loss in older adults. She is developing an in-vitro model that will help Lutein (a carotenoid that is sensitive to different pH levels in the stomach) survive harsh environmental stress.

Mr. Chaichawin Chavapradit, has been actively working on a Ph.D. project to utilize agro-industrial waste into value-added products by developing protein hydrolysates and peptides with antimicrobial properties. This project aims to tap and valorize the immense potential of bioactive compounds in agro-industrial waste in Thailand.

We wish both candidates all the success in their projects.