Dr. Simon Guerrero Cruz has joined the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) as Assistant Professor in Environmental Engineering and Management Program, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, School of Environment, Resources and Development.

Dr. Simon received his PhD in Environmental Microbiology from the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands; an MSc in Environmental Sciences from UNESCO-IHE, Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands; an International master’s in Environmental Technology and Engineering, joint Erasmus Mundus program between Gent Universiteit & Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická v Praze, Belgium & the Czech Republic; and his BSc in Biology, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology from Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.

His research interests include environmental microbiology through microbial eco-physiology research in bioreactor systems, microbial solutions to transform organic waste to value and pollution control, water quality, and climate change mitigation through the study of GHG emissions from wastewater and rice agriculture. Dr. Simon has additional global on-site consulting experience in microbial risk assessment and management in the manufacturing and quality of vaccines and biologics in the USA and Ireland, and remote contamination investigations in pharmaceutical production processes for sites around the world (Latin America, Europe and Asia). Dr. Simon has taught diverse courses in microbiology, clinical sciences and biotechnology at Bachelor and Master level in Mexico and the Netherlands.

Currently, Dr. Simon is undertaking various research projects and supporting in education programs centered around microbiology in the context of globally relevant concerns:

  • GHG understanding and mitigation strategies in human-influenced ecosystems such as wastewater and waste management, rice agriculture and wetlands.
  • Microbial ecology and degradation of diverse pollutants, through research collaborations with international colleagues.
  • International cooperation in education and research programs oriented to capacity development of future environmental experts in the Southeast Asia region, in consortia including European and Latin American partnerships.

Dr. Simon can be contacted in the following:

Room No.:                   W104, EEM/SERD, Academic Building
Phone Number:         66-2-524 5644
Email:                          simongc@ait.ac.th