• Dr. Ha Thanh Dong.
    Dr. Ha Thanh Dong.
    Adjunct Faculty
  • Dr. Farhad Zulfiqar
    Dr. Farhad Zulfiqar
    Assistant Professor
  • Prof. Peter Edwards
    Prof. Peter Edwards
    Emeritus Professor
  • Prof. Vinod Jindal
    Prof. Vinod Jindal
    Emeritus Professor
  • Prof. Gajendra Singh
    Prof. Gajendra Singh
    Emeritus Professor
  • Dr. Peeyush Soni
    Dr. Peeyush Soni
    Adjunct Faculty
  • Dr. Loc Thai Nguyen
    Dr. Loc Thai Nguyen
    Associate Professor
  • Dr. Ram C. Bhujel
    Dr. Ram C. Bhujel
    Research Associate Professor and Director of Aqua-Centre
  • Dr. Krishna R. Salin
    Dr. Krishna R. Salin
    Associate Professor
  • Dr. John K. M. Kuwornu
    Dr. John K. M. Kuwornu
    Adjunct Faculty
  • Dr. Avishek Datta
    Dr. Avishek Datta
    Associate Professor, Department Head, Department of Food, Agriculture & Bioresources
  • Prof. Anil Kumar Anal
    Prof. Anil Kumar Anal
  • Dr. Amararatne Yakupitiyage
    Dr. Amararatne Yakupitiyage
    Adjunct Faculty