The academic program is created and developed within the framework of the project Erasmus+ Capacity Building-MSc Food Processing and Innovation (FOODI), reference number 598987 with a co-funding from EU.

This program stresses particularly upon issues that have not been addressed up to now such as the necessity to maximizing the utilization of resources and to global supply chain strategy and to integrate the food and nutrition security, food safety homogeneously in all the region. This course aims to address in a sustainable manner to develop the modules as Professional Master Program (1 year), Full Master Degree Program (2 Years) and Doctoral Degree Program (3.5 years) in “Food Innovation, Nutrition and Health (FINH)” to cater the graduates with the holistic knowledge.

Graduates will develop enhanced knowledge, skills and competencies in relation to food and nutrition security, particularly in areas of food product development, policy development and implementation in food safety, program design, implementation and management, and impact assessment. These skills will be situated in an understanding of the multi-sectoral nature of the challenges of food insecurity, malnutrition and designer foods (Superfoods).

Careers for graduates:

There are many career opportunities to work in industries, national and international development organizations. Organizations involved in this work include international Non-Government Organizations, National Government Institutions (e.g. Ministries of Agriculture, Food Processing, Industry, Commerce and Health) and international institutions such as, the United Nations agencies (e.g. FAO, WFP, WHO, UNDP, UNICEF, FDA, UNIDO etc), and various other development agencies. Private sector actors are also significantly and increasingly involved in the food systems and are more aware of health and sustainability concerns; therefore, there will be increasing opportunities for graduates who are able to work in the private sectors including SMEs and bigger Agro-Food Enterprises, Nutraceutical Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Biotech Companies etc.

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