In the current context of rapid social, economic, technological and environmental changes in Asia, it is imperative to understand the effects of change on various sub-groups: women, men, indigenous peoples, different classes, and other social groups. Gender and Development Studies (GDS) highlights both the need for specialized academic degree awarding studies in gender and development, and the integration of gender analysis and gender relation perspectives in AIT’s other fields of study. GDS offers graduate level courses and provides substantial input to student’s masters and PhD dissertation research. Short courses and workshops are also offered on gender planning and gender analysis in various development fields.

By functioning as an academic arm of community-based efforts for the advancement of women and sustainable development, GDS aims to work as a regional center of excellence in the field of gender, technology and development studies, and to integrate gender as a key intellectual perspective and ethical concern in AIT as well.Coursework and Research areas

The curriculum offered by the Gender and Development Studies program includes courses in:

  • Gender and Development: Principles and Concepts
  • Gender and Economics Development
  • Gender, Culture and Human Development
  • New Technologies, Industrialization and Gender
  • Gender Politics, Civil Society and Human Rights
  • Gender, Enterprise, and Organizations
  • Gender, Rural Livelihoods and Sustainable Development
  • Gender Analysis and Gender Responsive Development Planning
  • Gender, Migration and Human Trafficking in Asia
  • Gender, Urbanization and Urban Management
  • Gender and Health
Career for Graduates

Graduates emerge prepared for professional work in government, non-government and international development sectors, with the ability to apply gender analysis in technical and development fields.