RRDP (1)

The RRDP focuses on rural poverty, improvement of the quality of life and social and economic development of rural areas. Practice oriented rural-regional planning is carried out regularly at district and sub-district levels following a participatory and integrated approach. Attention is paid to management of development institutions, infrastructure and physical resources. Sectoral and spatial planning is equally emphasized along with the management of rural development programs and local development projects to strengthen rural communities for sustainable development. Selected areas of concern are: poverty analysis; concepts and processes of rural and regional development; community development planning; agricultural development and planning; planning and management of rural development programs and projects; regional planning techniques; rural-urban relations; NGO management policy and development administration; sustainable development theories and practices; and decentralization and governance.

Coursework and Research areas

The curriculum offered by the RRDP program includes courses in:

  • Rural and Regional Development
  • Agricultural Development Planning
  • Sustainable Development Theories and Practices
  • Rural-Urban Relations
  • Community Development Planning
  • NGO Management Policy and Development Administration
  • Decentralization and Governance
  • Social Research Methods in Development Planning
  • Regional Planning Techniques
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Research Design and Methods
  • Rural-Regional Planning Workshop
  • Civil Society and Globalization
  • Adaptation, Coping & Community Resiliency and Natural Disaster Management Community Development and Participation
  • Decentralized Planning (Local Development Planning and Governance)
  • Natural Resources Management and Sustainable
  • Agriculture
  • Regional and Rural Development Planning Inclusive of Methodology, GIS Applications and Evaluation of Projects
  • Rural Urban Relations
  • Watershed Management
Career for Graduates

Job opportunities for graduates of RRDP cover many areas of regional and national and government and non-governmental organizations, community participation, regional planning and project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation at international, national and local levels both for government and non-governmental organizations.