Urban Env Eng

The magnitude and dynamics of urbanization place an enormous burden on organizations and professionals responsible for the planning and management of urban regions.

Urban Environmental Management (UEM) responds to the need to examine urban growth and environmental problems from the management and planning perspectives to contribute to the development of sustainable, inclusive and resilient cities. The core objectives are understanding dynamics of urban regions and developing effective interventions using various decision support systems and instruments in multi-stakeholder settings.

UEM draws on and integrates theories and perspectives in established disciplines of urban planning, urban and regional development, urban economics, sustainable development, and urban policy and management studies into a distinctive framework of problems, issues and questions concerning the urban environment, in a developing country/city context. Themes include urbanization processes, urban indicators and monitoring, spatial analytical techniques, governance of urban regions, modeling and scenario analysis, training in waste management, environmental assessment for water-related policies and developments, etc.

Coursework and Research Areas

The list of courses offered by the UEM program includes:

  • Urban Environmental Management Systems
  • Urban Environmental Management Research Methods and Techniques
  • Urban Environmental Planning and Management Workshop
  • Urban Planning and the Built-Environment
  • Environmental Science and Technology for Decision Makers
  • Disaster Management in Urban Environmental Planning
  • Management of Urban Housing, Infrastructure and Services
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment for Urban Development
  • Governance and Urban Management
  • Urban Economics and Finance
  • Assessment and Implementation of Development Projects
  • Mega-City Development and Management
  • Global Cities and Climate Change
  • Spatial Analysis for Urban Environmental Management
  • Urban Governance and Economics for Holistic Waste Service Delivery

 Career for Graduates

Graduates from UEM work in; Government organizations such as planning and municipal agencies; Universities and research institutes; Inter-governmental organizations such as UN agencies, ADB, etc.; International and regional non-governmental organizations; Private sector such as construction/urban design firms and consultancies.