Delegates from the Tunghai University, Taiwan visited the School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) on Friday 9 November 2018. The delegation included Prof. I-Kuan Yang, Dean of Engineering, Prof. Chiung-Fen Chang, Chairman of Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, and Prof. Chin-Yin Huang, Chairman of Department of Industrial Engineering and Enterprise Information.

The delegates met with the Dean and the faculty members of Environmental Engineering Management (EEM) Program of the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change of SERD and discussed about the possible collaboration in the following areas of mutual interest;

• Physicochemical Science and Engineering
◦ Electrochemical Applications on Pollutant Extraction and Treatment
◦ Traditional and Advanced Treatments
◦ Trace-level Analysis of Contaminants in Water, Sediment & Organisms
• Biological Science and Engineering
◦ Bioconversion of Materials to Biohydrogen and Biomethane
• Management and System Analysis
◦ Carbon Asset Management through Waste/Energy Integration
◦ Environmental Planning and Management
◦ Tracing Emission Sources of Air Pollutants through Modeling

Tunghai University and AIT have been collaborating in double degree program in the past in the School of Engineering and Technology and the discussion was focussed on initiation such program in Environmental Engineering and Management. They also discussed the possibility of student exchange program, internship, research & partnership. After the meeting, the delegates also visited the laboratory facilities and interacted with the students from EEM