MEA-AIT Academic Cooperation program
  • Prof. Weerakorn Ongsakul
  • Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)
TNA 3 - Capacity Workshop
  • Prof. S. Kumar, Prof. R. P. Shrestha, Dr. P. A. Salam
  • UNEP-DTU, Denmark
Tilapia Workshop-Training and Technical Supports (TTWTS)
  • Dr. Ram C. Bhujel
  • Trainees, Students, and public donors and private & public sector eg.g. WordFish, FAO, SPC, etc.
Exposure visit to Aquafarms in Thailand and Vietnam
  • Dr. K. R. Salin
  • National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), India
Biogeochemical changes and adaptation mechanisms in response to anthropogenic impacts in watersheds: A comparative study between Jiu long River (China) and Chao Phraya River (Thailand) — Phase 2
  • Prof. Thammarat Koottatep, Prof. Rajendra P. Shrestha, Dr. Wenchao Xue
  • National Research Council of Thailand — NRCT
Introducing Sustainability to the Textile Engineering Curriculum
  • Dr. Mokbul M. Ahmad
  • Technische Universität Dresden — TUD Germany
Mastering Energy Supply focusing on Isolated Areas
  • Prof. Shobhakar Dhakal, Prof. S. Kumar, Dr. J. G. Singh
  • European Union, Erasmus+
Master on New Technologies Using Services - MONTUS
  • Prof. N. T. Kim Oanh, Dr. Ekbordin Winijkul
  • European Union, Erasmus+ Capacity Building
Comparative Risk Assessment of Hydrologic Hazards and Adation Policy in Jiulong River and Chao Phraya River Basins — Phase 2
  • Dr. Vilas Nitivattananon
  • National Research Council of Thailand — NRCT
Aquaculture Internship for China
  • Dr. K. R. Salin
  • International delegates
Training/capacity building and support to ensure and practice sustainable Faecal Sludge Management in Bangladesh
  • Prof. Thammarat Koottatep
  • WaterAid Bangladesh
Reports on drinking water services and technologies in Asian countries - Phase V
  • Prof. C. Visvanathan
  • Japan Water Research Center (JWRC)