COVID-19 has caused significant changes in the lifestyle of every global citizen and the residents of AIT followed new rules and regulations set by the AIT COVID Taskforce. The rules significantly reduced the frequent movement of residents. No-dining policy at restaurants made the residents either cook from their dorms or carry food using Styrofoam containers to their places. The consumption of facemasks has also increased plastic consumption.

Plastic Consumption Behavior and Brand Auditing in AIT campus was conducted by Ms. Nitrady Lertsanthia, a Student from the academic program “Environmental Engineering and Management” of AIT_SERD under the supervision of Prof. Chettiyappan Visvanathan. The composition of the plastic wastes was categorized in academic, residential, and commercial areas in AIT between September 2020- March 2021.

Out of 60 participants who took part in the Questionnaire survey, nearly 75% of the respondents used more than 2-3 facemasks per week. Only a few of them used cloth or reusable masks while others used Plastic masks. The AIT waste brand audit revealed that the top five brands of plastic wastes found were CP, Hom-Krun coffee, UFM, Nestle, and Meiji.