Prof. Rajendra P. Shrestha

Affiliation: Professor

Program affiliated with: Natural Resources and Management


Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
Master in Natural Resources and Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Haryana Agricultural university, India

Expertise and research interest:
Human dimension of land-use change
Climate change and land
Land degradation and land management
Environmental Sustainability
Natural Resource Management


Selected Publications:

  1. Imran, M., Shrestha, R.P., and Datta, A. 2020. Comparing farmers’ perceptions of climate change with meteorological data in three irrigated cropping zones of Punjab, Pakistan, Environment, Development and Sustainability, 22(3): 2121-2140.
  2. Maneepitak, S., Ullah, H.  Datta, S. Shrestha, R.P. Shrestha, 2019. Effect of Water and Rice Straw Management Practices on Soil Organic Carbon Stocks in a Double-Cropped Paddy Field, Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 50(18):2330-2342.
  3. Sakayarote, K. and R.P. Shrestha, 2019. Simulating Land Use for Protecting Food Crop Areas in Northeast Thailand Using GIS and Dyna-CLUE, Journal of Geographical Sciences, 29(5): 803-817.
  4. Arunyawat, S. and R.P. Shrestha, 2018. Simulating future land use and ecosystem services in Northern Thailand, Journal of Land Use Science, 13:(1-2) 145-165.
  5. Shrestha, R.P., N. Chaweewan, S. Arunyawat, 2017. Adaptation to climate change by rural ethnic communities of Northern Thailand, Climate, 5:(3), 57; doi:10.3390/cli5030057.
  6. Arunyawat, S. and R. P. Shrestha, 2016. Assessing land use change and its impact on ecosystem services in Northern Thailand, Sustainability, 8(8): 768 doi:10.3390/su8080768
  7. Qasim, S., M. Qasim, R. P. Shrestha, A. Khan, K. Tun and M. Ashraf, 2016. Community resilience to flood hazards in Khyber Pukhthunkhwa province of Pakistan, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 18: 100-106.
  8. Shrestha, R.P., and N. Nepal, 2016. Food Security of Subsistence Farmers in the Context of Climate Change in Makwanpur, Nepal. Food Security: The Science, Sociology and Economics of Food Production and Access to Food. 8(2), 415-425. (
  9. Wannasai, N. and Shrestha, R.P. 2008. Role of land tenure security and farm household characteristics on land use change in the Prasae watershed, Thailand. Land Use Policy. 25(2)214-224.
  10. Shrestha, R.P. 2006. Relating Soil Electrical Conductivity to Remote Sensing and Other Soil Properties for Assessing soil salinity in northeast Thailand. Land Degradation and Development. 17(6)677-689.

Selected research projects:

  1. Climate Technology needs assessment in Asia for climate change mitigation and adaptation
  2. Biogeochemical changes and adaptation mechanisms in response to anthropogenic impacts in watersheds: A comparative study between Jiulong River (China) and Chao Phrya River (Thailand) 
  3. Study of carbon and energy balance of different sustainable crop residue management in Asia
  4. Strengthening Afghanistan Institutions capacity for monitoring and analyzing of agriculture production systems and development of LRIMS
  5. Making the Mekong Connected (MMC): Developing carbon and biodiversity assets for multifunctional landscapes in the Upper Mekong