FEBT focuses on two areas of specialization: Food Process Engineering and Bioprocess Technology. Food Process Engineering focuses on the application of engineering principles to the design of postharvest and food processing equipment; changes that may occur within products during handling, processing, and storage; measuring and controlling the quality of raw food materials; food supply chain safety; the handling and utilization of wastes generated during on-farm processing. Bioprocess Technology dedicated for the developments in biotechnology and its applications in agro/food, functional food, biopolymers, dairy and meat science, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Industrial bioprocess technology for the conversion of raw agricultural products to useful food products, biomaterials with specific growth promoting properties are developed for application in organic farming. To strengthen applicability of microorganisms for specific purposes, courses are given in genetic engineering of microorganisms. DNA with interesting properties is transferred to produce strains for industrial applications.

Coursework and Research areas

The curriculum offered by the FEBT program includes courses in:

  • Food Process Engineering
  • Postharvest Engineering
  • Bioprocess Technology
  • Industrial Microbiology
  • Engineering Properties of Food Materials
  • Food Process Engineering Laboratory
  • Bioreactor Design and Control
  • Food Engineering Operations
  • Numerical Computations in Food Process Engineering
  • Bioseparation Processes
  • Advanced bioprocess Technology Applications
  • Bioprocess Practical
  • Enzyme and DNA Technology
Career for Graduates

Graduates from the FEBT work in several areas, including industry government service, non-government organizations, and academia. Many of the M.Sc. students also choose to pursue a Ph.D. degree either at AIT or in another institute elsewhere in the world.


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